FAQ: Where are the most influential places to put keywords?

  1. The <title> tag is the most influential place to put keywords, for the purpose of dictating which keywords a page should rank highly for.
  2. This is closely followed by anchor text of inbound links, although these are gradually decreasing in priority as Google is getting better at understanding user satisfaction signals.
  3. Next we would look at putting keywords throughout the page, in a diversity of ways, as well as related keywords – especially in the main content at the top of the page.
  4. Next we would look at putting keywords in URLs.
  5. After that, we’d look to place keywords throughout the pages that are linking in – especially in their page titles, and in areas of the main content that are in close proximity to the relevant link.
  6. Next we might look at the anchor text of pages that link to pages that link to us (thus two tiers away), and the page titles of those pages, and the main content surrounding the relevant hyperlinks.