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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ever-evolving art within a glamorous, fast-paced digital marketing industry.

At SEO London, we’re committed to spreading best-practice tips from all the ingredient disciplines of modern SEO, and to promoting services that genuinely deliver what they promise to deliver.

The industry is evolving

While some aspects of SEO (such as Search Console features) are frequently changing, it’s always had consistent core principles (such as explicit keywording and authoritative linkbuilding). But even these firm fundamentals are gradually becoming redundant as Google’s ability to assess searcher intent and satisfaction nears perfection.

For this reason, business owners seeking SEO services should seriously consider a future-proof, white-hat approach; and die-hard SEO specialists should seriously consider diversifying their skillsets.

Learn more about how & why SEO is evolving.

SEO services for website owners

Browse local agencies & experts

Browse our database of local SEO agencies and expert freelancers — there may be one right up your street!

Hire us to help you find a solution

If you’d like a little help in sourcing the best agency or freelancer to meet your needs, consider joining our agency-meets-client matchmaking service — matching potential clients like you, with the most relevant & qualified agencies to satisfy your specific needs.

Commission an audit

Perhaps you already have an SEO team and would like a second opinion, or are about to start some SEO work and would like to ensure you set off on the right foot? Either way, you could benefit tremendously by hiring us to independently audit your current performance & tactics. A second opinion usually helps, and ours is as good as anyone’s. Some agencies provide adequate reporting & account management; some don’t — we can fill this gap by communicating with them on your behalf in order to obtain the information we think you’ll want to know, or we can simply analyse things entirely unobtrusively before presenting our verdict. Our audits are also a great head start in case you’re thinking of using our agency-meets-client matchmaking service further down the line.

Our matchmaking and auditing services generally begin with a needs assessment questionaire – asking you questions like what are your goals, budgets & timeframes, in order to determine the nature, extent & intensity of work required. This can then be used to help you organise your own solutions thereafter, or this can be plugged into our matchmaking service to find the right service provider for your needs.

We can also provide isolated industry and competitor analysis reports not bundled into our performance audits.

Learn SEO for yourself

If you have the time & patience, why not learn all about SEO for yourself? This will help you to manage or supervise your own SEO campaigns more effectively, even if you prefer to continue to outsource the bulk of the workload to more experienced professionals — it’ll also help you to determine which SEO service providers are most honest and skillful. This is also great preparation for you, in case you’re considering using our agency matchmaking service and wish to understand as much as possible throughout the process.

Join a course

You can learn about SEO and related disciplines by enrolling on relevant courses.

Campaign Management training course

Try our campaign management training course — this is especially useful in helping you to get a grip of what’s going on, what people are doing on your behalf, etc, and ultimately to feel empowered enough to fully take charge of your own campaign in case you wish to. This is also great training for account managers to deepen & broaden their understanding of relevant technical & strategic aspects of SEO. This is a rare training opportunity — other SEO training providers rarely offer this kind of training because it needs to be so practical and up-to-date, and requires a really cohesive overarching understanding of the whole discipline – especially what are the KPIs and how to measure them (this is a rare skill that many agencies struggle with, and other training providers are often well behind the agencies). This campaign management training begins with needs assessment training and then performance audit training, inline with how we run our matchmaking service.

Learn online

Study our Glossary and FAQs which form part of our ever-expanding online knowledgebase for self-learning.

Check our industry-specific tips to learn how best to optimise for the industry you’re operating in (lawyers, accountants, etc), and similarly, check out our platform-specific tips for the type of site you’re running (WordPress, Magento, Amazon store, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc).

Don’t miss our lists of recommended SEO books and training videos too.

Help for SEO service providers

Get help with self-marketing

We can help you promote yourselves in various ways, for example:

— Get featured in our Agencies and Experts databases.

— Participate in our workshops & conferences — provide a talk or training session, or sponsor one of our events. Bring your staff along too — limited free tickets are complementary for delivery partners!

— Join our local industry-centric influencer meetups, and participate in our collaborative content marketing campaigns (contribute content, gain exposure, and forge valuable new contacts in the process!)

— Join our agency-meets-client matchmaking programme — tell us your strengths and USPs, and we’ll endeavour to send relevant new business your way (as & when relevant new clients join our programme) — you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Upskill your staff

We can help you train your staff to better understand & execute cutting-edge & futureproof SEO tactics & concepts.

Bring your staff to one of our workshops, or task them with talking at one of our conferences (listening is learning, but being tasked with talking is also a way to learn – it forces you to research thoroughly and think deeply).

We can also help you find SEO experts to fill roles in your company, so you don’t need to struggle with recruitment or outsource so much.

Satisfy more clients

We can help you to fulfil your service obligations!

— Perhaps you have a strong sales force but lack technical expertise or resources – we can help you to fill this gap be it by training, outsourcing to us, or using our SEO matchmaking service to outsource work to the agencies that we deem most capable of fulfilling your needs.

— For highly skilled & equipped agencies who may be lacking in sales, we can help you generate new business by matching you up with the opposite kind of agencies to yours, and of course regular clients join our SEO matchmaking programme too, which translates into more business for you.