SEO Jokes

Let’s lighten the mood now with some awesome SEO jokes!

  1. Why did the SEO cross the road?
    To increase traffic. To get more hits!
  2. Why do SEOs love monkeys?
    Long tails.
  3. Why did Google bury my website?
    It wasn’t responsive.
  4. Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market?
    Lots of organic content.
  5. What do linkbuilders have for breakfast?
    Cookies and Link Juice. Or Spiders.
  6. Why did the Penguin cross the road?
    He was tracking down some cheap link juice.
  7. Why is Panda so scary?
    He eats BamBOO!
  8. How does a linkbuilder start copywriting?
    He starts with Disavowal then data consonant.

Think these we’re bad? Let’s hear yours then! Submit your favourite SEO jokes below.

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