Andy – Freelance SEO Expert in Hounslow (West London)

If you need expert SEO advice in the West London area, I’m your man. I’m Andy from Hounslow and I offer great value SEO consultancy and further services on a freelance basis. My fields of expertise span onsite and offsite audits, campaign supervision, and all the important aspects of programming/servers, content management, and reputation management.

Additional services

As a London based SEO expert, the bulk of my time is focused on SEO and this includes a mix of managerial work and hands-on work from programming to content creation to link-building. I can also help you with a range of complementary services such as web design and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Paid Search

Aside from being able to advise and assist you with all aspects of SEO (Organic Search), I can also help you with complementary search engine marketing (SEM) efforts including with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) and other PPC / Paid Search campaigns. My skill in SEO helps me to achieve great quality scores for best bidding prices in Paid Search, and my experience in Paid Search helps to brush up my skills in various areas that benefit SEO such as analytics, keyword research, copywriting, landing page design, etc.

Web Development

I’m also a competent web developer so if you need a new website built I can help with that – taking care of all your needs to suit any budget you may have. Any work I don’t do personally will be done by people I regularly work with and trust, unless you have your own team already and that’s fine too, I can work with them no problem. My skills in SEO help me to ensure I build accessible websites that are easy to use and satisfy users’ needs most optimally. SEO also helps me with conversation optimisation which of course is important for maximising bottom-line results from leads to sales to profits and loyal returning customers. My skill in web development also helps me to roll out technical SEO requirements, taking care of everything from back-end server configuration to front-end code optimisation without the technical barriers that many SEO experts struggle with and charge a premium for or simply leave you with half the job left to do.


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