Liv – Freelance SEO Expert in Harrow (North London)

Hi, I’m Liv, a freelance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert from Harrow, North London. After working for well over a decade in the search marketing industry, I can confidently say that I’m one of the best SEO experts in Harrow and one of the leading voices in the SEO industry worldwide.

What’s so special about me?

I’m a content genius – creatively and technically

Science I’m simultaneously a technical content auditing expert and creative content marketing expert. This means I can analyse your industry and your content to see how well you are targeting your audience in comparison to your competitors and in comparison to what you would be doing if operating at full potential. Not only can I can identify content gaps and opportunities with thorough technical analysis, but I can conceptualise new content to fill these gaps in a graceful, natural manner that harnesses your existing strengths and complements your current branding in order to earn links from other websites organically (in a Google-friendly manner, but on a viral magnitude) to positively impact on your company’s reputation in the eyes of your audience and in the eyes of search engines too.

I’m very well connected

Network Working in content marketing for as long as I have, it’s no surprise that I’ve built a rapport with plenty of local, national and international media influencers. From newspaper editors to social media personalities and even the odd celebrity – you name them, I’ve worked with them and can easily pick up the phone and arrange special coverage for your organisation at the drop of a hat (if I’m on your team).

I’ve also worked in every industry imaginable, from travel to retail to entertainment to business services – on local, national and international levels.

On a local level, I’ve worked with businesses throughout the North, South and West Harrow areas, as well as central locations such as Greenhill and Harrow On The Hill / Roxeth. On a national level I’ve worked in most of the big cities including Birmingham in the Midlands and Manchester up north, and on an international level I’ve worked in New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Madrid, Edinburgh, Dublin – the list goes on.

So if you’re serious about making yourself a big hit with the local media (in Harrow and the wider Greater London area) or on a national or global level, you’d benefit tremendously by having me on your team.

Freelance work

I’m currently involved in freelance consultancy work for a dynamic portfolio of clients ranging from local Harrow-based small businesses to global brands with branches on every continent. I frequently help global brands with localisation, and I help local brands with globalisation!

So whether you need the best SEO expert to help you target local areas most efficiently or whether you need me to take your business to the next level from local to national to international, take the first steps by recruiting me onto your team.

I am a fully rounded, very experienced SEO expert capable of helping you with any SEO challenge or campaign.


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