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ClickSlice is a London based SEO agency that prides itself on its method of ranking websites based on reverse engineering the top 5 competitors to create a blueprint for what your website requires in order to rank among them for the same search terms. In the words of Joshua George, the agency’s owner: “If Google puts sites A-E in the top 5, all you need to do is emulate the profiles of those sites to follow suit”.

ClickSlice primarily offers SEO solutions to local businesses, however they do have a few national clients on their books such as ProjectSolarUK. The main metric ClickSlice uses to determine a campaign’s success is ROI – in fact they’re so confident in their ability that they offer a guarantee to increase your online visibility within 90 days or have your money back. Joshua George regularly attends SEO conferences around the world to ensure the company stays up-to-date on all the latest trends in the SEO industry.



ClickSlice offers 3 core SEO packages designed to help improve the online visibility of your website.

Their campaigns typically start with competitor analysis, to see what your main competitors are up to – this paves the way for a clear action plan regarding what needs to be done on your site to achieve similar results. Once the competition is analysed, they then move on to keyword research in order to understand the search phrases that your potential customers are using, and when campaign keywords are finalised, they optimise relevant landing pages on your site to target these keywords, building new pages if needs be. When you have a foundation of optimised content on your site, the link-building process begins.


Sometimes a website will already have a solid SEO foundation with all the on-page SEO elements in place. If this is the case for you, then there will be no need to invest in re-doing it – ClickSlice will simply recommend their standalone link-building service, to focus on acquiring a high quality of inbound links in order to make sure you’re well known to search engines and other sites around the web, to enhance your reputation and improve your rankings efficiently.

Google Ads

ClickSlice offers a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management service for Google Ads campaigns – they can manage your budget and help you reach page 1 within minutes of making your ad campaign live. This is particularly of interest to companies who are looking for quick results and do not have the time to wait around for SEO.


As of 2019, SEO packages start from £997 per month; standalone linkbuilding services start at £300 per month; and Google Ads campaigns are run for a 15% management fee, however this fee drops to 10% when you subscribe to a simultaneous SEO package.

Case Studies

ClickSlice has had many successful campaigns to date – here are some examples.

  • MadeSimpleMedia is a Web Design Agency in Horsham, West Sussex. ClickSlice were tasked in February 2019 to optimise their site for a range of web design related terms. Before the campaign began, MadeSimpleMedia were on pages 5 and 6 of Google for their main campaign keywords, and within 4 months ClickSlice managed to place them in the top 3 positions of page 1. The client of course reported a massive increase in traffic and sales enquiries generated through the website. ClickSlice managed to achieve these results by completely changing the on-page SEO of the website, followed by conducting a link-building campaign.
  • ProjectSolarUK is a solar panel installation company. They hired ClickSlice in October 2017 when they needed to improve their visibility across the UK. ClickSlice put together a campaign and targeted some of the biggest towns & cities in the UK, such as Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester and Newcastle, to ensure optimum brand coverage and campaign efficiency. Within 6 months, ProjectSolarUK was on page 1 in Google for all of its campaign’s target locations. This was achieved by developing bespoke landing pages for each location, complemented by an intensive link-building campaign to give these pages the push they needed. Josh told us that ProjectSolarUK was generally ranking on page 1 after 6 months of the campaign, and then within a further 4 months they reached the ideal position at the top of page 1 for relevant keywords.
  • IceCoolTrailers is a leading emergency refrigeration company in the UK. They partnered with ClickSlice in April 2019 and achieved a range of positive movements within 2 months including some important position 1 rankings. This was mainly achieved by on-site work, such as restructuring the internal link flow and re-optimising page layout structures.


Joshua George is the owner of ClickSlice – he launched the agency in 2014 and now has a team of 5 helping him to deliver concrete results for their clients.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as an end result of selling on eBay. He loved selling on eBay but he disliked having to pay eBay a commission every time a product was sold there. To improve his margins, Josh set up his own website initially just to sell his products, however, he soon discovered that his site was very hard to find in Google and was generating no sales. As you do, he then started to Google “how do I get my website higher up in Google” and stumbled across the art of SEO in 2013. From this moment onwards, he knew his future would take a different direction. Within no time he was very confident with SEO, getting great results for himself, and decided to give back by helping other business owners rank higher in Google and generate more revenue for themselves too.

Business aside, Josh is an extremely family orientated individual and is a big believer of “family is everything”.

Contact details

Address: ClickSlice, Studio 10, Shoreditch Stables, 138 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DY

Phone: 0203 287 3638