AGENCY: Bulldog Digital Media

Founded in 2013 Bulldog Digital Media has developed into a leading SEO agency covering Greater London as well as Essex. They boast an impressive range of digital marketing services including email marketing, PPC and content management.


Bulldog Digital Media offers numerous services within digital marketing including SEO, PPC and social media management. They can also assist you with content production, with a particular specialty in the making of highly-shareable infographics.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the main focus of Bulldog Digital Media, hence you can expect that they have an extensive set of techniques they can use to improve your ranking performance. Their expert team has the knowledge to perform in-depth SEO audits to identify flaws within your site’s content & code, as well as assessing where your competition has an advantage. They will then execute a multi-faceted strategy to act on their recommendations, as well as giving you access to tools which you can use to monitor your real-time performance.


As well as boasting expertise with organic search, Bulldog Media are specialists in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns to boost your visibility and your sales. Firstly they will undertake comprehensive keyword research projects to identify opportunities within your specific niche, then they will design CRO-friendly copy to entice visitors to your site. Bulldog Digital Media can provide assistance even if you have never used PPC ads before as they have a wealth of experience in setting up ad campaigns from the ground up.

Social media management

Bulldog Digital Media have recognised that social media platforms have become an increasingly important way of connecting with people to advertise your products and services in a way that is inaccessible to many traditional media streams. They therefore offer a range of package from initial account setup and training to comprehensive day-to-day management of your profiles, working to a strategy determined by the users you aim to target.


Bulldog Digital Media offers a variety of SEO packages depending on your budget and requirements. Although you will need to contact them directly to get a quote they have published their monthly price tiers which are as follows:

Entry-level package designed for small businesses and bloggers.
Intermediate package designed for businesses requiring assistance with multiple areas within their digital marketing strategy.
Suitable for medium-large companies looking to expand to international markets.
Suitable for large companies requiring rapid improvements in SEO and PPC.
Suitable for multinational corporations requiring large-scale overhauls of their digital marketing practices.


Bulldog Digital Media is supported by a 20-member staff with various specialties, ranging from digital marketing executives to graphic designers. The director & founder of Bulldog, Gareth Bull, has extensive experience within digital marketing, such as co-founding the subscriber email tool EmailOctopus. More recently they have been joined by technical SEO consultant Richard Underwood, who is a previous Head of SEO for the national newspaper brand: The Telegraph.

Examples of previous clients & results

This international sportswear brand enjoyed a traffic increase of 150% when they hired Bulldog Digital Media to improve their traffic and brand awareness.
U + I plc
Bulldog helped U + I, a leading UK property group, by conducting a thorough audit of their SEO with the aim of expanding their brand awareness within the digital environment. Their subsequent recommendations led to an increase in ranking for over 400 branded keywords.
University of Essex (Event Essex)
Event Essex, a subsidiary of the University of Essex which handles a range of overnight conference events, hired Bulldog Digital Media to perform an overhaul of their website to get more traffic. A wide-ranging strategy including content management, PR and SEO led to an increase in traffic of 75%.


Despite being a relatively young company Bulldog Digital Media has already received recognition within the SEO industry, having been nominated for the following awards:

  • European Search Awards 2017: shortlisted (Best Small SEO Agency, Best Low Budget Campaign)
  • The Drum Search Awards: finalist (Best B2B Campaign, Best B2C Campaign and Rising Star – Buzz Carter)
  • UK Search Awards 2017: shortlisted (Best Small SEO Agency, Best SEO Campaign, Young Search Professional – Buzz Carter)

Contact Details

You can get in touch with Bulldog Digital Media by either completing the consultation form available on their website or by contacting their offices directly using the details below. Both offices operate during standard business hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, with closures to be expected during bank holidays.


020 3151 4750
Bulldog Digital Media, Studio 11, 11-17 Exmouth Place, London, E8 3RW, United Kingdom.


01702 315 377
Bulldog Digital Media, Kingswood House, 58-64 Baxter Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6BG, United Kingdom.