Dan – Freelance SEO Expert in Barking (East London)

Hi, I’m Dan, and here are 5 reasons why I believe I’m the best freelance SEO expert in Barking, East London. In fact, there’s a strong case to say I may be the best freelance SEO expert in London, and I’m here at your service, just down the road, in Barking. Happy days!

1: Results!

I get the best results – more efficiently than anyone else! You found me, didn’t you? I co-built the SEO London website to make this happen. I pride myself on delivering real results, with greater stability, greater long-term impact, and greater cost efficiency than any other SEO freelancer can do, not just in Barking but worldwide.

If I didn’t believe I was the best, I wouldn’t be here writing this right now, and if I didn’t deliver the best results, you wouldn’t be here reading this either.

2: Experience

Companies and industries

Experience I’ve been working in the SEO industry for over 15 years. In that time I’ve worked for billionaire FTSE companies, millionaire startups, penniless charities, large digital agencies, small digital agencies, and everything in between. I’ve worked in finance, retail (ecommerce), information portals, news/magazines, sport, travel & tourism – you name it, I have experience in that industry.

Over the years I’ve also made personal recommendations to Google on how to improve their policies on multiple occasions, and they’ve always acted upon my recommendations! Who else can say they’ve done that, except Google’s own staff?

Teams and campaigns

I know what it takes to run the most sophisticated of SEO operations – mapping user personas, journeys, goals and microgoals in order to optimise user experience and conversion rates. I also know what matters when it comes to budgeting an SEO campaign – I can ensure you get the best bang for your buck and don’t fall into any of the traps that other SEO experts overlook.

Due to my extensive experience with SEO and my natural problem-solving mindset, there’s probably no challenge you can throw at me that I don’t have a solution for.


I also have experience of living and working in Barking and throughout Greater London, so I know the local industry, media and influencers in case you’d like to leverage your local roots in support of your campaigns or simply target the local area with Local SEO.

3: Resources

I’m a firm believer in the power of monopoly – owned media brings more reliable, consistent and ultimately more effective results than earned media. Therefore, my SEO strategies often involve owning authoritative industry websites, whether by building them from scratch or by purchasing them (usually a bit of both), so the uncertainty factor of linkbuilding and reputation management is no longer applicable to you. I also practise what I preach, and as such, own a vast number of websites, some of which I could utilise to support your campaign at a moment’s notice.

4: Technical Aptitude

Technical Aptitude While being first and foremost an SEO strategist, I also have a strong background in web development and programming. This is a rare combination of skills which enables me to bridge the gap between IT and Marketing in order to solve your Technical SEO requirements with ease.

5: Availability

I’m local and nearly always online. Whether you want to visit me or would like for me to visit you at your Barking based offices, consultations are easy to arrange. What’s more, I’m always on the end of a Skype or Hangouts chat, phone call, text message or email, so you never need to struggle to get instant SEO advice from the best in the business.


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