What are Conversions?

Conversions occur when a desired goal in a user’s journey has been reached, regardless of whether or not this is achieved through prompting (via a call to action, advertising or otherwise). This can apply to a wide range of goals depending on what you wish to achieve, for example, the most basic form of conversion is usually a product sale on website that sells things such as an ecommerce store, or a service request via a corporate website.

Conversions can also be achieved through smaller “microgoals” such as completion of a feedback survey, subscribing to a newsletter, or receiving a new link to your site from the blog or social media profile of someone who recently used your site. Events such as the user remaining on a page for a certain amount of time or clicking to the next page without bouncing can also count as goals that are subject to conversion rates. Analytics programs such as Google Analytics can be used to track and analyse your conversion rates.