Why should agencies examine domain ownership?

Gathering information which verifies domain ownership such as registrant name, the official owner of the site and registrar address details is all important as if there’s any debate, these details will be critical in proving ownership

Using domain privacy services could in theory hijack the domain, saying they are the real owner, hence it is important to check whether they are a trustworthy organisation, such as if they are owned by an ‘Icann accredited’ registrar. this is a useful check, as it guarantees a level of security. Any disputes in ownership must follow Icann procedure.

It is worth noting expiry date not just for security but because Google also slightly trusts longer-registered domains more, as spammers tend to register for single years expecting their domain to be banned, thus saving money. There has been evidence suggesting it is one of the many factors considered in ranking any given domain, so it’s worth having on any audit report even if one doesn’t personally take measures to extend the registration period of this domain.