COURSE: Advanced SEO Marketing Training (Econsultancy)

Econsultancy offers an Advanced Training course in SEO Marketing designed for intermediate and advanced users to sharpen their skills within the industry by introducing new diagnostic tools alongside recent developments in recommended approaches. Moreover you will be taught on how enhanced query targeting and a detailed content strategy can be used to improve your search rankings.

COURSE: Masterclass – Customer Experience (Econsultancy)

Econsultancy offers a three-day practical course in enhancing Customer Experience (CX) throughout your website portfolio. The training material is comprehensive covering the foundations of good website User Experience (UX), research, web design principles and optimising your mobile offerings. Econsultancy recommends this course for beginners as well as experienced marketers.

COURSE: Fast Track Digital Marketing (Econsultancy)

If you are new to the digital marketing industry you may consider the fast track course offered by Econsultancy which aims to provide beginners with a complete overview of the field. Over two days you will learn essential disciplines in search engine marketing, PPC advertising, ecommerce and affiliate marketing. This will be complemented by training on social media platforms and data analysis to maximise your sales.

COURSE: SEO Marketing Training (Econsultancy)

The intermediate training course in SEO Marketing offered by Econsultancy is designed to teach students the benefits of building a comprehensive organic search strategy to maximise your performance. Thus you will learn a broad range of topics including keyword research, increasing link equity and improving your website structure.